Range /’rānj/: 2n the direction or position in which something lies.

Like a corporate general counsel, David helps private companies with the business of business. Ownership. Capitalization. Intellectual Property. Mergers and Acquisitions. Contracts. Employment Law. Training.

It starts with a client asking, "How do I..." David, using the law as a tool, crafts the answer.

Range /'rānj/: 3n the area of variation between upper and lower limits on a particular scale.

Cindy guides HR directors through the complexities of labor, employment & benefits law.

She keeps her eyes trained on regulatory changes and helps our clients navigate through every stage of the employment process.

Range /'rānj/: 4vcover or embrace a wide number of different topics.

Cindy connects our clients with our business functions & enables our optimization of technology.

She serves as Chief Operating Officer of PILOT, our founder-owned management services company.

Range /'rānj/: 6n a set of different things of the same general type.

Against a backdrop of stress, noise & challenge, Amy calmly guides our clients in forming their businesses.

She also serves as Chief Administrative Officer of PILOT, where she assists emerging companies with reporting and compliance requirements.

Range /’rānj/: 7n a large area of open land for grazing; 8v to travel over a wide area.

Kevin assists public and private sector employers, from towns & cities to hi-techs & farms, with everything from hiring to retiring.

He negotiates deals, crafts legislation, and knows his way around a courtroom.