How much is this going to set me back?

We most often charge for our work in one of two ways.

If we can’t forecast the total cost of a project before we get started, we’ll ask you to pay us by the hour. Our fees range from $175 per hour for Amy Knight’s assistance in forming a company or filing real estate documents, to $500 per hour for Kevin Paul to handle a complicated negotiation or discrimination charge.

We work to assure that we assign the right person – at the right cost – to every project we take on.

When we can, we figure out the total price we need to charge for a project before you retain us. A lot goes into that calculation, and the details matter, but in general, here’s about what you can expect:


Review and help negotiate a commercial real estate lease.


Draft an employment agreement or separation agreement.


Draft a client services agreement or licensing agreement.


Form, organize, and prepare the governing documents for an LLC or corporation.


Prepare the initial response to a lawsuit or regulatory action.