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At Range, we pursue LAW AND POLICY with the same creative thinking and personal investment that our clients bring to building their businesses.


We ADVOCATE TO ADVANCE their ambitions – in courtrooms, around conference tables, and on capitol hill.


We distill CLARITY FROM COMPLEXITY, and measure our success not just in problems solved, but in lasting relationships that grow from positive outcomes.

Our creativity is a key differentiator for us from other firms. It’s reflected in our name and in the inventiveness of the solutions we propose. At the same time, we are grounded, and speak with clarity rooted in the enterprising spirit of the Mountain West. We understand entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs: rather than speak in the language of the law, we speak in the language of business.

The law is a tool, and as with any tool, the impact depends on the one who wields it. At Range, we’ve worked hard to master the law: years that have instilled a deep sense of responsibility to uphold the standards of legal craft. We employ the instruments of the law to create stability and clarity for businesses and the communities who depend on them.

Above all, we have a personal relationship with our clients. We are still working with clients we partnered with over fifteen years ago. That loyalty is based on trust and connection built through face-to-face interactions and committed service. Whether through us or someone else, we make sure our clients lay claim upon the best resources.